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Epaulette is an ornamental shoulder piece, or accessory that is used to indicate status by military forces as well as other organizations. Epaulettes that are flexible (usually constructed from brass) are often referred to as shoulder scales.

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The French as well as other armies, the epaulettes can be also used for all ranks in the elite or ceremonial units during parade. It could be worn with rank or any other symbol however, it is not to be confused with the shoulder marking or shoulder board. It is also known as an”shoulder board,” rank slide or slip-on. It is the flat cloth sleeve that is attached to the straps of the shoulders of an uniform (although both terms are frequently used in conjunction)

Shoulder board epaulettes present rank and status information about the individual wearing it. Legion Enterprises has gained expertise in manufacturing slip on epaulettes and shoulder board epaulettes.

We offer customization manufacturing of shoulder board epaulettes and slip on epaulettes. We offer free sample for all customers and there is no minimum order quantity requirement.

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