• In 1969, Muhammad Ikram Bhatti founded Legion Enterprises which initially specialized in Hand Embroidered Badges. The business quickly expanded to flags and Banners to accommodate a broader market.
  • Business then extended again in 1990; when his son, Pervez Ikram Bhatti, started working in the factory as Assistant Production Manager and a whole new range of Caps & Hats, Fashion garment patches and accoutrements were introduced.
  • As a 3rd generation family owned and operated company, we are proud to carry on the tradition of manufacturing top quality custom uniform accessories at competitive prices.
Legion Founder

Muhammad Ikram Bhatti (Founder)


Pervez Ikram Bhatti

Mudassar Pervez Bhatti (Manager)

Mudassar Pervez Bhatti (Manager)

What About Now?

Today Legion Enterprises supplies uniform accessories for various military/police departments and fashion brands in regions across the world including Europe, America, Africa, Australia and East Asia. As of now we serve 100+ clients belonging to 35+ nationalities. We have also supplied products for popular brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Eden Park, Morris and JOOP.

It is our primary belief that developing and maintaining strong business relationship is the key of success in future. Hence we have big standing agreements with all our buyers.

No order is too large and we invite your enquiries for virtually any uniform requirement. We will be happy to assist, and assure you of our best attention to quality and service of all times

We believe that the best way to demonstrate credibility is to make products that keep their promises to the customer. Our clients appreciate these qualities and we appreciate that it is important to have certifications, even voluntarily, in order to protect those who choose to be partner with us.

It is our Accessory that makes a Suit into a Uniform

Legion enterprises manufacturer of embroidery badges and accessories
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