Cap Badges Hand Embroidered

  • High Quality Manufacturing of Army Military Cap Badges hand embroidery
  • OEM and ODM supply available
  • we use customer design only
  • Design department available to help you with the designs
  • Free sample at no cost to the customer
  • Quick production and sample leads
  • Swift shipping via Courier or Air shipping
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Cap badges, sometimes referred to as a head badge, or badge for hats is a symbol worn on uniforms and headgear that indicates the wearer’s nationality or the organization they belong to.

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Legion enterprise is an experienced manufacturer of hand-embroidered cap badges and we are working in the industry since 1969.

We offer full customization including logo, branding, sizing, material, etc. We are ODM and OEM manufacturer with short sample lead times and short production lead times.

Contact us today for inquiring about free sample of a quote for your order.

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